​​​Freethinkers’ Books has one mission:
To help you make well-informed decisions
about the Bible and Christianity.

Freethinkers’ Books can help you if:

   • Your Christian leaders have not given clear, factual answers to your sincere questions

   • You have studied the Bible and it appears to be unbelievable and/or self-contradictory

   • You have studied Christian Apologetics and its “evidence” and arguments are unconvincing

   • You have sincerely believed and done what your Christian leaders and the Bible told you to believe and do, and Christianity doesn’t work for you

   • God doesn’t answer your prayers, regardless of how sincere you are or how much faith you have

   • You are satisfied with your Christian beliefs, but you are interested in hearing opposing views

   • You wonder why churches and other Christian groups talk about the same few Bible passages over and over, and never discuss the vast majority of the rest of the Bible

   • You have participated in several different churches and/or independent ministries, and have not found a single one that lives up to its claims about itself

 • You believe that your minister(s), priest(s), pastor(s), independent ministry leaders, or other Christian leaders are worse Christians than their followers, and you wonder how they got that way

   • You wonder why the non-Christians that you know are at least as moral and good as the Christians that you know, maybe better

​   • You have friends or loved ones who have unhealthy relationships with some form of conservative Christianity

   • You are not a Christian but you are curious about the claims of Christianity. You have heard the Christian point of view and you want to hear an opposing view.

How We Can Help
     Freethinkers’ Books offers well-documented facts about the Bible and Christian beliefs. Each one of our books is well-researched, backed up with abundant references, and comes with an eternal money-back guarantee.
     Our purpose is not to talk you into or out of anything. Only you can do that. But we provide information that you will never hear from any pulpit and will help you make informed choices about your beliefs.

     This web site contains many books, videos and articles that provide helpful information. Most of these are free. (We do charge for some of our books to help us cover our costs.) 

Why Are The Authors At Freethinkers’ Books Uniquely Qualified To Do This?
     The authors at Freethinkers’ Books have a variety of backgrounds: health care, business, engineering, education, science and others. But we all have one thing in common: each one of us was a conservative Christian, until we closely examined Christianity and discovered that its claims were self-contradictory and completely unsupported by evidence.
      Each of the authors at Freethinkers’ Books has, when we were a Christian, engaged in a passionate, fervent, sincere struggle to find evidence that supported our Christian beliefs. And each one of us discovered that, despite our best efforts to prove the truth of the Christian beliefs that we desperately wanted to believe, the claims of Christianity and the Bible were contradicted by overwhelming amounts of clear, irrefutable evidence.
     Christians often claim that critics of Christianity are biased against Christianity. But we were very strongly biased for Christianity; we believed it with all of our “hearts, souls and minds” (Matthew 22:37). We desperately wanted to prove that it was true, but we still proved that it was false.
     We did not reject Christianity merely because we were unable to prove that it was true. We rejected Christianity because it can easily and overwhelmingly be proved that Christianity is NOT true.
     We are making results of our struggles available to you.