This book discusses in detail the following Bible Prophecies which are demonstrably false:

False Prophecy #1 - Matthew 12:40
     Jesus incorrectly predicted the day of his own resurrection
False Prophecy #2 - Matthew 12:38-40
     Jesus prophesied falsely about many major events in his own ministry
False Prophecy #3 - Matthew 2:23
     A fraudulent claim that a prophecy was fulfilled
False Prophecy #4 - John 13:18
     Jesus claimed that he fulfilled a "prophecy" in Psalm 41 that cannot possibly be talking about him
False Prophecy #5 - Matthew 2:12-18
     Jeremiah never predicted "The Slaughter of the Innocents" like Matthew said he did
False Prophecy #6 - Matthew 1:11-12
     If Old Testament prophecy is true, then Matthew's genealogy proves that Jesus cannot be the Messiah
False Prophecy #7 - Matthew 1:23
     Isaiah's famous Messianic prophecy wasn't one
False Prophecy #8 - Matthew 2:14-15
     Matthew twists Hosea's words and takes them badly out of context to create a "prophecy"
False Prophecy #9 - Matthew 5:18
     This one verse, attributed to Jesus himself, contains two contradictions and a false prophecy
False Prophecy #10 - Matthew 5:22
     Jesus sinned by breaking his own command
False Prophecy #11 - Matthew 12:40
     Jesus himself proved this wasn't true
False Prophecy #12 - Matthew 18:19-20
     If this is true, why does penicillin without prayer work better than prayer without penicillin?
False Prophecy #13 - Matthew 2:23
     Jesus made a false prediction about the Judgement Day
False Prophecy #14 - Mark 8:31
     Jesus incorrectly predicted the time of his resurrection 
False Prophecy #15 - Matthew 25:41
     Jesus contradicted Micah's and Jeremiah's prophecies about God's forgiveness
False Prophecy #16 - Matthew 26:29
     Jesus incorrectly predicted something that happened during his crucifixion
False Prophecy #17 - Matthew 26:34
     Jesus is off by two crows
False Prophecy #18 - Mark 16:17-18
     Jesus made an obviously false, and quite dangerous, dietary prediction
False Prophecy #19 - Matthew 27:57-60
     Matthew, Mark and Luke all contradict a famous prophecy in the book of Isaiah
False Prophecy #20 - Luke 1:32
     An angel contradicted a prophecy made by Jeremiah
False Prophecy #21 - Luke 8:10
     Jesus contradicted himself about saving lost souls
False Prophecy #22 - Luke 23:43
     Jesus falsely prophesied when he was on the cross
False Prophecy #23 - John 7:38
     Jesus forged an Old Testament prophecy that never existed
False Prophecy #24 - Ezekiel 26:7-12
     Ezekiel himself said that his own prophecy wasn't fulfilled, so do Matthew, Mark, Luke, Acts and satellite photos.
False Prophecy #25 - John 14:12
     Four very good reasons that this prophecy, made by Jesus, is false
False Prophecy #26 - John 14:13-14
     Jesus himself tried to fulfil this prophecy, and failed
False Prophecy #27 - John 15:25
     Jesus supposedly wrote the Old Testament, but he showed his ignorance of it in this verse
False Prophecy #28 - John 16:13-15
     Millions of Christians have proven that this prophecy, made by Jesus, is false
False Prophecy #29 - Acts 1:16-20
     An apostle quoted parts of two Psalms and took them both badly out of context to create a "fulfilled prophecy"
False Prophecy #30 - Acts 2:25-27
     An apostle said this was a fulfilled prophecy. But if it is, every Christian's salvation is in trouble 

False Prophecy #91 - Matthew 27:9-10
     Matthew misquoted a prophecy and attributed it to the wrong prophet
False Prophecy #92 - Ezekiel 29:9-12
     A prophecy abotu Egypt that is obviously false
False Prophecy #93 - Acts 2:16-21 and Joel 2:28-33
     The Bible itself says that this will never happen
False Prophecy #94 - Malachi 3:1-4
     At least 75% wrong
False Prophecy #95 - Malachi 4:5
     Malachi's prediction is the exact opposite of Jesus' clear statements
False Prophecy #96 - Hosea 1:6
     Hosea invalidates a prophecy made in Psalms
False Prophecy #97 - Hosea 13:16
     God violated his own prediction about children, fetuses and embryos
False Prophecy #98 - Amos 8:9
     Amos's supposed "prophecy" about the crucifixion is demonstrably bogus
False Prophecy #99 - Micah 3:11-12
     Malachi's condemnation of preachers' pay is contradicted by many New Testament passages
False Prophecy #100 - 1 Peter 4:7
     Arguably the most overworked prophecy in the Bible, and one of the most obvioiusly unfulfilled

False Prophecy #60 - 2 Kings 22:20
     God prophesied falsely about Josiah, and broke his own law
False Prophecy #61 - Jeremiah 36:30
     Jeremiah prophesied falsely about Jehoiachim and Jehoiachin
False Prophecy #62 - 2 Chronicles 1:12
     God prophesied falsely about Solomon
False Prophecy #63 - Psalms 1:1-3
     The Psalmist completely ignored obvious Biblical facts
False Prophecy #64 - Psalm 34:20
     Another Messianic prophecy that isn't
False Prophecy #65 - Psalm 55:23
     An obviously false prediction
False Prophecy #66 - Psalm 62:12 and Romans 2:6
     A prophecy about the Judgement Day that is obviously false
False Prophecy #67 -Psalm 66:18
     Genocide didn't interfere with Moses', Joshua's or David's prayer lives
False Prophecy #68 - Psalm 69:9
     A supposed "Messianic Prophecy" that, if true, invalidates Jesus' dying for people's sins
False Prophecy #69 - Psalm 69:21
     Yet another "Messianic Prophecy" that cannot possibly be talking about Jesus
False Prophecy #70 - Psalm 103:8-9
     This prediction notwithstanding, God is really pissed and he is not going to get over it
False Prophecy #71 - Psalm 118:22 and 1 Peter 2:7
     Psalm 118 cannot possibly mean what the writer of 1 Peter says it means
False Prophecy #72 - Ezekiel 23:25-26
     God's "love" violates his own definition of it
False Prophecy #73 - Psalm 128:1-2
     A prophecy about hard working people, disproven by the Bible itself
False Prophecy #74 - Psalm 145:10
     All is not all

False Prophecy #75 - Proverbs 4:10-11
     If this prophecy is true, why do modern people in post-Christian Europe live longer than Europeans in the Dark Ages?
False Prophecy #76 - Proverbs 17:5
     Is God going to punish himself for violating his own prediction?
False Prophecy #77 - Isaiah 9:17
     God violates his own prediction about how he would care for orphans
False Prophecy #78 - Isaiah 14:21
     God violated the Law that he gave to Moses
False Prophecy #79 - Isaiah 26:3
     Jesus invalidated this prophecy from Isaiah
False Prophecy #80 - 2 Timothy 3:12
     The writer of Timothy contradicts a prophecy made in Proverbs
False Prophecy #81 - 1 Corinthians 3:8
     God himself violated this prophecy many times
False Prophecy #82 - Micah 5:2
     This famous "Christmas prophecy" obviously contradicts the clear meaning of the passage
False Prophecy #83 - Isaiah 42:2
     Jesus and Isaiah are obviously at odds with each other on this one
False Prophecy #84 - Isaiah 44:24-45:1
     God got it wrong about Cyrus
False Prophecy #85 - John 19:34-37 and Zechariah 12:9-10
     You just have to wonder if the writer of John had ever even read Zechariah
False Prophecy #86 - Jeremiah 19:9
     God loves little children, in the same way that most people love chocolate mousse
False Prophecy #87 - Jeremiah 25:11-12
     These two verses contain four false prophecies
False Prophecy #88 - Ezekiel 6:10
     God condemned himself
False Prophecy #89 - Ezekiel 18:14-17
     God predicted that he would not kill anyone for their father's sins - NOT
False Prophecy #90 - Ezekiel 20:35
     If this prophecy was true, God would have killed Ezekiel

False Prophecy #31 - Acts 2:30
     An apostle was unaware that Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit
False Prophecy #32 - Acts 8:32
     An apostle was unaware of major events of Jesus trial and crucifixion
False Prophecy #33 - Romans 2:5-6
     Paul got it wrong about major events in the Old Testament
False Prophecy #34 - 2 Thessalonians 2:3
     The Bible "predicted" something that has already happened hundreds of times
False Prophecy #35 - Hebrews 1:5
     Passages in Samuel and Chronicles were twisted to supposedly mean something they can not possibly mean
False Prophecy #36 - Hebrews 10:7
     This verse tries to make Psalm 40 a Messianic prophecy, but Psalm 40 cannot possibly be talking abougt Jesus
False Prophecy #37 - Genesis 13:15
     God broke his promise to Abraham
False Prophecy #38 - 2 Peter 3:3-4
     This is not a prophecy, it's a head game
False Prophecy #39 - 1 John 2:18
     The apostle John supposedly "predicted" something that he knew had already happened many times
False Prophecy #40 - 1 John 3:22
     There are two interpretations of this verse: one is demonstrably untrue and the other is extremely cruel
False Prophecy #41 - Revelation 21:1-4
     This passage invalidated a prophecy made in the book of Isaiah
False Prophecy #42 - Revelation 21:8
     God gave a prediction about Hell that is proven false from the Bible itself
False Prophecy #43 - Genesis 4:12
     God prophesied it, and only 4 verses later, Genesis says that the exact opposite happened
False Prophecy #44 - Genesis 8:22
     God prophesied this, then invalidated his own prophesy many times
False Prophecy #45 - Genesis 9:3
     If you believe this verse, it could make you very very sick
False Prophecy #46 - Genesis 15:16
     God can't count
False Prophecy #47 - Genesis 22:18 and Genesis 26:4
     If God had done what he prophesied, millions of lives would have been spared
False Prophecy #48 - Genesis 35:10
     God had a memory lapse and therefore violated his own prophecy
False Prophecy #49 - Genesis 49:10
     The prophecy in this verse was contradicted by clear statements in Exodus, Numbers, Judges and Samuel
False Prophecy #50 - Exodus 12:1-14
     Forever is not forever
False Prophecy #51 - Exodus 15:26
     Bad health advice. Does God want Christians to be sicker than Jews?
False Prophecy #52 - Exodus 20:5
     If your great-grandfather was a creep, God will take it out on you
False Prophecy #53 - Exodus 34:1
     God prophesied it,and only 26 verses later the exact opposite happened
False Prophecy #54 - Deuteronomy 15:11
     God promised to eliminate poverty, then only 7 verses later reneged on his promise
False Prophecy #55 - Matthew 26:52
     Jesus was wrong about David, Moses, Joshua and many others
False Prophecy #56 - Joshua 6:26
     God prophesied that he would break his own law
False Prophecy #57 - Zephaniah 2:9
     God was wrong about Ammon
False Prophecy #58 - Exodus 17:14
     God predicted incorrectly about Amalek
False Prophecy #59 - 1 Kings 11:13
     God predicted incorrectly about 2 of the 12 tribes of Israel
False Prophecy #60 - 2 Kings 22:20
     God prophesied falsely about Josiah, and broke his own law 

    How many times have you heard that the Bible supposedly contains miraculous prophecies? This statement is accepted without question by many Bible believers.

    Is it really true? This book examines 100 prophecies from the Bible by comparing them to other Bible passages and known historical facts.  

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