Farewell to God: My Reasons For Rejecting The Christian Faith, by Charles Templeton
    At the age of 42, Reverend Charles Templeton was a rising star in the Christian ministry. Every church he had been associated with had experienced explosive growth. He was a founder of Youth For Christ, a dynamic and successful evangelist, a close associate of Billy Graham and even had his own Christian-based television show. 
   There was just one problem: he no longer believed in Christianity or the Christian God. In this book, Templeton describes his life-changing decision to leave the ministry and details his reasons for rejecting Christian beliefs. He does this without bitterness or regret, in a way that is easy to read. 

     You can buy this book at many online bookstores. To view his Wikipedia page, 
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Caught in the Pulpit: Leaving Belief Behind 

by Daniel Dennett & Linda LaScola, foreword by Richard Dawkins 

Fascinating study by a sociologist and a philosopher who interviewed 100 preachers, priests and rabbis who had become ex-believers but continued to make their living promoting a god that they no longer believed in.

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