How many times have you heard that the Bible is supposed to be a perfect book? This statement is accepted without question by many Bible believers, but it is easily disproven by looking closely at some of the Bible's many mathematical claims. 

     You don't have to be a mathematician to understand these errors. They are clear and obvious to anyone who can add, subtract, multiply and divide. 

     Scroll down for a brief description of the math errors in this book.

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This book discusses in detail the following Bible Math Mistakes: 

Jesus' Math Mistakes 
     Jesus was wrong about his own resurrection
     Jesus was wrong again about his own resurrection
     Will the 2,000 year old guy please show himself?
     1 body - (1 hand + 1 foot + 1 eye + 1 private part) = salvation
     Jesus, the devil and a flat earth
     Not all that take the sword shall perish with the sword 
     How many times, and when, did the cock crow?
     Jesus will be short one judge on the judgement day
     1 does not equal many
     0 temptations does not equal many temptations 
     Over 100 gallons of tasty temptation to sin 
     1 praying little old lady * 2 = no need for hospitals 
     1 Holy Spirit -> thousands of Christian theological disputes 
     Biostatistics vs Jesus
     1 Golden Rule, 4 divine hypocrisies 
     Jesus commanded us to be 490 times more forgiving than God 
     Believers' works are not > Jesus' works 
     Another "greater than" goof 
     Jesus' dietary dilemma #1 
     Jesus' dietary dilemma #2 
     Jesus vs hundreds of thousands of copying errors 
     Jesus was short by at least 4 prophets 

Math Mistakes About Jesus 
     Matthew's "prophecy" is wrong by over 700 years 
     Matthew's dirty little secret about Jesus' ancestors 
     Dating the first Christmas ("Christ Mass") is a mess 
     Prophecy: out of context, 570 years late, proving that God is immoral 
     Zero, three or "all" temptations for Jesus 
     30 or 17 pieces of silver and the wrong prophet 
     One or two blind men? 
     Philip and Isaiah got it wrong 15 times -> an evolving myth 
     Many resurrections or zero resurrections? 
     Zero roommates in Jesus' grave? 
     More resurrected math errors 
     Did 10 or 11 apostles wee Jesus on Easter? More evolution of the resurrection myth 
     When did the woman pour the ointment over Jesus? 
     What time of day was Jesus crucified? 
     One or two angels? 

"Historical" Math Mistakes 
     Moses' ghost writer's 450-year oops 
     God sadistically killed trillions of animals for no reason 
     Gld plans to kill trillions more animals for no reason 
     The birth of Isaac and the Genesis chronology 
     Were the Israelites in Egypt 255, 350 or 430 years? 
     Trillions of quail bones mysteriously missing 
     God ordered > 3,000,000 violations of "Thou Shalt Not Murder" 
     How many items were kept in the Ark of the Covenant? 
     The Amorites just wouldn't die 
     Midian makes a miraculous recovery 
     God "Takes care of" > 30,000 widows and orphans 
     Over a thousand sacrifices every day, but only one altar
     How many cities were given to Judah? 
     How many cities were in the valley? 
     How many Israelite tribes were there? 
     Was Moses active or debilitated when he was 120 years old? 
     How many sons did Jesse have? 
     How big was David's army? 
     How do you prevent a plague or cause one? Take a census! 
     How many years between leaving Egypt and building the temple? 
     How many tribes remained loyal to Solomon's descendants? 
     Baasha fought a battle 9 years after he and his family died 
     How many Jews did Nebuchadnezzar/Nebuchadrezzar deport?
     Victory or defeat? It depends...
     20,000 divine chariots vs 2-horsepower wheeled washtubs 
     Two really old brick layers 
     How many vessels did Cyrus give to the temple? 
     Bad accounting 
     How many Jews returned from the Babylonian captivity?

Sexual Math Mistakes 
     Most prolific human procreation in history 
     Profuse, open, sexual sin every day while writing the Bible 
     The Bible says that women are worth less than men 
     "1 flesh" can get pretty kinky
     Benjamin, the child who was a grandfather
     Inescapable adulteries > 0 
     How many sons did Abraham have? 

Theological Math Mistakes
     Which Ten Commandments are the "real" ones? 
     Inescapable sins > 0 
     How many times do you get to die? 
     How many righteous people have ever lived? 
     God punished the wrong people, hundreds of years late 
     God punished the wrong people again, 40 years late 
     An "Inspired" book of the Bible that has no "inspirer"? 
     Deals with the devil 
     God lied and lied and lied 
     More lies 
     All is not all 
     Not is not not 
     Forever is not forever

Scientific And Geometrical Math Mistakes
     Why can we see stars that are more than 10,000 light years away?
     Only three guys noticed a low-flying star
     More misplaced stars 
     Did God create man or animals first? 
     Wrong by hundreds of miles per second 
     The earth hangs, or it sits on pillars, or on heaping seas 
     Stationary sun and moon
     Why did Satan attack church steeples and belfries? 
     If I ever have heart surgery, please do not pray for me 
     Longevity and Christianity 
     Pi and the "Molten Sea" in the Jerusalem temple
     How tall were the pillars in front of the Jerusalem temple?
     How tall were the chapiters on the Jerusalem temple?