About Us

​​Who are we?

     Each of the authors at Freethinkers' Books used to be a conservative, Bible-believing Christian. Every one of us individually examined Christianity's claims and discovered that there is simply no credible evidence that Christianity is true, and there is overwhelming evidence that it is not.  

     For many of us, this was a gut-wrenching, emotionally painful discovery. We desperately wanted to confirm our Christian beliefs, but we were compelled by the facts to decide that conservative Christianity is, at best, wishful thinking that provides false hope.  

Our Commitment to Open Exchange of Information
     Freethinkers’ Books is committed to respectful dialogue. Although we strongly disagree with the beliefs of conservative Christians, we recognize that they have a right to those beliefs, so long as those beliefs do not harm others. We do not participate in protests or "activist lawsuits", although we respect the rights of other organizations and individuals to do so.
     We do sometimes send representatives to present an ex-Christian’s point of view in public debates, provided that the debate organizers have convinced us that they have set up the format of the debate so that it will be a fair fight and a respectful exchange of ideas. Specific information about debates is on our Q&A page.
     Freethinkers’ Books is not associated with, and does not endorse or oppose, any organization, including but not limited to: Christian, non-Christian religious, secularist, humanist, freethought or other non-Theist organizations. Although our publications and web site may quote from the writings of these organizations and/or link to their web sites, this is solely for the purpose of helping people make better informed decisions about their beliefs, and does not constitute endorsement or opposition, unless we say so directly. 

Funding And Support
          Freethinkers' Books is privately funded and does not accept financial donations. Some of our activities, such as book sales, are regarded by the Internal Revenue Service as for-profit. We pay all applicable taxes. All after-tax profits are donated to a local animal shelter.
     The authors and consultants who create videos, books and online material for Freethinkers' Books are volunteers who donate their time free of charge. They receive no compensation or other financial benefit from these activities. 
     If you want to support Freethinkers’ Books, the best way to do this is to buy our publications and give them to your friends, and also to recommend that your friends visit our web site, read our articles and view our videos.
     We are grateful for your support. We would love to hear what you think about our publications, videos and web site (even if you disagree with us), as well as about your experiences when you share what you have learned with friends and family.

​The Background Photo For This Web Site
     The background for this web site is a photo of the ruins of Roche Abbey in Yorkshire, England. This elaborate structure was constructed in various stages between the 12th and 16th centuries, until it was despoiled and burned by representatives of King Henry VIII in 1536, when he forcibly converted all English Christians from Catholicism to Protestantism.
      English Christians in the 12th-16th centuries had the technology and resources to build many things that would have produced great benefits to humanity – roads, bridges, dams, canals, aqueducts, improved housing for the poor, sewers, irrigation, flood control and drainage systems – to name only a few.  Instead of these useful things, they believed that Christ told them to expend enormous amounts of time, natural resources, money and labor to build this monument to himself.
     The ruins of Roche Abbey remind us of the narcissism of the Christian god and many church leaders, and also the violent, faith-based persecutions that Christians have perpetrated against other Christians throughout Christian history.
     For more information on Roche Abbey, go to 
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roche_Abbey    For more information about the English government's destruction of Catholic churches and monasteries, go to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dissolution_of_the_Monasteries

​     (The image for the background photo is adapted from an image on Wikimedia Commons, which we downloaded in October, 2016. The image was uploaded to Wikimedia by  HARTLEPOOLMARINA2014, and licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International license. This license provides authorization for us (and anyone else) to use and/or adapt this image, but our use of this image does not imply that the author of this image endorses Freethinkers' Books or our use of this image.)