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Bashing Baby Brains: Christian responses to Psalm 137:9

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What do Christians say about Psalm 137:9 

“Blessed will be the one who seizes

and dashes your little ones against the rock”

I once mentioned this verse in a public debate, as an example of the Bible God's cruelty. My opponent claimed that it was just poetry, not to be interpreted literally. After the debate, I decided to see what some famous Christian leaders said about this verse. To my surprise, many very highly respected Christian theologians and ministers interpreted this verse literally: they said that God really did bless people who bashed little babies to death!!! (This only worked if the babies' parents had the wrong religion, of course.)

This video provides quotes from these Christian leaders. References are provided for each quote, so you can look up the sources yourself.  

Persons quoted include:
- Founder of the Methodist denomination - John Wesley
- Presbyterianism’s most highly respected theologian - John Calvin
- Writer of one of the most widely read Christian Bible commentaries - Matthew Henry
- President of one of the most well-respected Bible colleges - R.A. Torrey
- Leader of the first Christian “Great Awakening” - Jonathan Edwards
- Lutheran seminary professor - William Arndt
- Methodist minister and president of the Methodist conference - Joseph Benson
- Baptist theologian - John Gill
- Lutheran seminary president - Paul Kretzmann