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"At the Deathbed of Darwinism", by E. Dennert, Translated by E.V O'Harra and John H Peschges. 
    This book, originally published in 1904 in support of Biblical Creationism, details many of the major Creationist arguments against Evolution. Today, over 110 years later, Creationists are still using these same fallacious arguments. 
   The scientific study of Evolution has made enormous progress in the past 110 years. A partial list of this progress includes:
- Determination of the age and size of the universe
- Determination of the age of the Solar System and discovery of nuclear fusion as the Sun's energy source
- Identification of DNA as the molecular basis for genetics, and DNA validation of the fossil record of the phylogenetic tree
- Radiometric dating
- Plate tectonics, which was predicted by evolutionary geologists and validated in real time by the Global Positioning System
- Discovery of the remains of many human or almost-human species which lived before our own species (Homo Sapiens)
- Discovery of literally millions more fossils which filled in the "missing links" that were in the known fossil record in 1904
- Many others
   In contrast with these scientific discoveries, the claims of Creationists have changed very little in the past 110 years. Creationists have not only failed to develop any science to support their beliefs, they haven't even come up with any factual arguments - in over 110 years!